His First Orchestra

Investing. It takes so much time and energy to invest in not just your kids (duh!), but in their additional activities and the little lives they have going alongside yours. I am careful to incorporate ideas for them, but also to hear what they are interested in as well. Right now, this season is full of music for each of them. Between piano lessons once a week and viola lessons three times a week, it keeps our little ones mighty busy.

They have come to really love playing for us and beaming with pride as they learn and grow. It's one of the those things you can't fail at and provides endless satisfaction. I'm grateful right now for music. They may not love it next year or even next month, but right now, it is good for us.

So when January rolled around, we were anxious to see our boy perform in his first orchestra since starting this school year and joining in these music lessons. To be honest, hearing them practice at home is less than desirable. Lets just be real here and say that hearing them at very first is rather painful. But most instruments are much easier on the ears when there are other instruments playing as well. We have braved through the months of practice to get to this point. And he played his little heart out.

I had fears for him, of course. Namely, stage fright, being in front of so many people, and has he really practiced enough for this?! He dressed in his very best, feeling "like a spy," he said, and went up there with no reserve, no anxiousness, and absolutely no fear! I was so proud and in that moment just felt like I had done something right. I'm so excited to continue seeing each of my kids learn and grow and be apart of their busy lives.