Island Adventure


You'll have to forgive how behind I am in this space, as this was actually Father's Day weekend. It was good, I tell ya. So, so good! I really love how our celebrations are focused around time together creating an experience. That's really what it's all about, the experience, the memories. The thing we'll never forget. This was our first ferry ride as a family of four, and we really all just LOVED it!

We spent the day becoming aware of our surroundings, figuring out where we were, exploring Orcas Island, and setting up camp - the very last spot on the entire island (we seriously lucked out!). The next day was slow and steady, full of contentment and joy. And mostly, celebrating a man our family loves very, very much. My husband and baby daddy :). Being a dad looks so good on him, but so many times I look at him and think, "Wow, I just can't believe HE'S MY HUSBAND!" More times than not, that's a good thing - haha! But really, marriage amazes me each and every day. I can't possibly forget the vows we took, the children we've created and raised, and the history that has brought us here and made us who we are together. It's really all very incredible.

So even though we're a bit past celebrating dads, I'd like to think that we celebrate our loved ones every chance we get. Moms, dads, grandparents, one another, and not to forget, the beautiful world we live in. Happy day!