My trip to Maine

I still can't believe that after I had the surreal and incredible experience of hiking Labyrinth Mountain to capture a proposal, that same couple hired me to photograph their wedding in Maine. It felt like a lifetime, although in reality, it all happened rather quickly. Their engagement happened the tail end of July, their wedding was mid-October. I was honestly surprised that I was even able to make those dates happen, but I did, and I loved it!

Fast forward to October 15th and I had the day to clean the house, pack my bags, and do everything I could to ensure I was as prepared as humanly possible. Because being as prepared as possible and knowing as much as I can, alleviates my regular anxiety. And so it came. I was catching the red eye from the far West Coast to the far East Coast. Sitting for long periods of time is not my strong suit. My body physically hurt, and I hadn't been on a plane in a couple years (!!!). I know, I know, but we've been road tripping the U.S. mostly instead, so no complaints.

I arrived in Portland, Maine around 9am, grabbed a car, found some breakfast, and began my five day excursion. I had a two hour drive to the Inn I was staying at for two days, nearest the wedding venue, and I had nothing but time until then. It was incredible.

The first part of day 1 was spent in Cape Elizabeth. Where nearly every other home was decorated for autumn or Halloween, and it was all so beautiful. The homes carry a historic, charming, and elegant nature to them. I couldn't have loved it more! I was so distracted by all the neighborhoods and decor, it was surprising I didn't get lost - ha! I found my way around to visit two of their many lighthouses, stop at local shops, and once I hit the road for Mill Hill Inn, I stopped at State Parks and any beautiful area I found along the way.

From Portland to Newry, the drive was really incredible. I've learned that Maine drivers are so different than Washington drivers, and I was not complaining. They are much less aggressive and there aren't 100,000 going in the exact same direction at the exact same time. I liked that a lot! It almost seems like it was a lifetime away, although it was really only a few days. Next stop, Mill Hill Inn!