My 10th Mother's Day

North Cascades | May 2015

After ten years of being a mother, I find that I'm still learning as much now as I was in the beginning. It grows and changes with the years, of course, but it's often a humbling experience to say the least. There are many frustrating days, but asking forgiveness and saying 'I'm sorry' come into place, working your patience until it seems every last drop has escaped are regular encounters. But it's really truly rewarding. So many of us are fortunate enough to have this memorable experience, others of us aren't. And so for the ones who can't feel it all, just know that I am appreciating my children and being a mother every single moment, that I don't take time with them for granted because we never know how long we have it.

So we had a tiny little weekend with just the four of us, we didn't hesitate to live as much as possible in those two glorious days. That our kids know how to pack for an adventure is a bit of an understatement, they're edging on professional. Kate decided to roll her clothes like a burrito (I have no idea where she learned this, honest) to fit in a gift box with her name on it from a few years ago, because she simply wanted to. All the right amount of clothes, books, and the good stuff. Alyx helps his sister settle in like he's been doing it his whole life, and is undoubtedly her comfort if needed. How can I not be grateful for that?

And they know me well, surprising me with gifts that are so sweet and simple. Honestly, I'm always surprised, the trip alone was more than enough. Together was all I needed. I mentioned to my husband a table and chair might fit in my new little garden space, there didn't seem to be any hesitation, it's certainly my most favorite place to be. I'm anxious to sip coffee there in the morning in hopes of seeing a hummingbird stop by.

I hope there was living in your days, glorious moments of being with those you love, simply because that's really what matters most. I'm still learning, and giving myself grace and knowing it's all going to be okay, tomorrow is a new day. How lucky are we?

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