An Easter without candy

Easter this year was much different for us. We love tradition, but it just so happened that Easter and my husband's birthday were on the same day! We had booked a trip for the two of us months ago, not realizing the two dates coincided (it's never happened before). Well, we still went on our trip while the kids spent the holiday with Grandma. A few days later, we had some fun ourselves!

It all started with a map for a scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. Our yard is pretty open, but the flowers in my garden worked great to hide them! Again, because we didn't go all out with an egg hunt and family around, we really tried to amp up the excitement. I can't let my babies down! We also made a small and delicious Easter dinner together.

As you see in the title, we didn't buy a single piece of candy this year. We are all naturally sweet tooth kind of people, but we value our bodies and what goes in them. It's something we want to teach our babes as well. Of course, we don't deny the things we love either (Grandma gave them all the treats this year!) So in case you might be wondering what was in their pails, we included: a small book, a Spring clothing item that was needed, Annie's fruit snacks and granola bars, and flower seeds.

Our kids were just as happy as they've ever been, and I am so thankful for positive life changes and the simple pleasures we share together. Hope your Easter was wonderful!! xoxo