An afternoon in the mountains

We had appointments in the morning, and instead of getting back into routine, we pushed that aside and decided fresh mountain air was just what we needed. And did we ever! We've had the most mild winter, and missed playing in the snow. So, it all just fit perfectly! We didn't get to do anything to extravagant, many roads were still closed and we weren't exactly ready for trekking miles through the snow - but it was blissful nonetheless! 

Lately, I've been transferring photos that have been sitting on my old laptop unedited for longer than I'd like to admit. My goal this year is to really get through them all and make more books to get them into our hands. I did make one for last year, it is so fun. You can see it HERE. It's been a process, but since I've been caught up on work lately, it's working out nicely. I'll be sure to share more of those here since there are many favorites I've been anxious to get through!

Spring is upon us, and isn't it so nice?! Well, I hope it is wherever you are. Be back soon and happy spring!!