He Remembered

January 2015 | Wallace Falls

I believe in sentiment. It's inevitably a part of our human nature, and I live for it. Sentiment, however,  cannot be made, not really anyhow. It's how we felt at a specific time in our lives that keeps our hearts beating a little faster when we think about it. It's how a fragrance can take you back to a certain time. It's when you remember something your husband did, and you can't resist falling in love with him time and again. Moments are everything. Like the time he proposed... and I said no. Like the time he sent me a key to his house, letting me know there was a place for me there. Like the times he reaches for my hand and we stay that way for hours. Like the feeling of when we said "I do," and felt like we were the only two people in that moment.

We selfishly celebrate our two anniversaries now. The day we proclaim we fell in love. And the day we wed. Until we married, we celebrated the first anniversary every year. Not with gifts, of course, but with experiences together. The same now goes for our wedding anniversary. So for our "fell in love" anniversary, he planned a camping trip and hike to a new place - just the two of us. We brought our pups, packed into our little Dolphin, and hit the road much later than planned. We took some wrong turns, got stuck a few times, and laughed about it. We hiked through sunshine and fog, reached heights that gave way to the most beautiful views and waterfalls. We stopped along the river and just watched it flow. We stopped in a small town for food and drinks on the way there and back, and I'll be damned if that wasn't one of the best parts of that weekend. Sitting at a small table just the two of us is something I greatly cherish.

I don't show him enough, but I am lucky to call him mine. To be loved so greatly loved by him is one of the best things to have ever happened to me. To love him in return is another. This year we celebrated 7 years of being crazy in love. How lucky are we?!