Shortly after publishing my last post, my husband came home to discover his truck had been broken into. It had been completely ransacked. He had been storing the gifts he'd been ordering for me in there, and since his truck is lifted, has tinted windows, and is in front of so many houses, we'd never had a problem. It was an ignorant choice to leave valuables in there, but there's no point in placing blame. It happened.

So for the next three days, he eagerly ran around trying to replace those things for me. It was all I was receiving for Christmas, and I knew his heart had been broken. I'm going to be honest, I didn't want him to. I didn't want those things. I knew that it was going to strain our Christmas budget. I knew stress would go up, and well, I just didn't want stuff. He outdid himself and did get a couple things that are now irreplaceable, that are so thoughtful, I was truly left stunned and speechless.

For days I was bitter. It wasn't just the gifts, but personal items my husband left that had been taken. Things that are more than just 'things,' that are irreplaceable. How heartless those thieves had been. I hoped in the end, they needed those things more than we did. I pray someone was more grateful than I could have been. I'm not sure, but I needed to see a silver lining.

We spent the holidays with our family. A couple of friends surprised us on Christmas Eve with incredibly thoughtful gifts for the kids, not knowing what had been stolen. And so many people who got gifts for them, kept our wishes in mind. I was so humbled. Blessed. Grateful. The rest of Christmas Eve left our minds at peace, maintaining our tradition with a dear friend who accepted all of my family around a bonfire, it was just what we needed. I always know, but it was over this Christmas I realized that we do have truly great people surrounding us in our lives - and really, what more is there? To be with others. To be thought of, remembered, loved... That's all we need.

I'm already thinking of next Christmas and how to continue on our path of less things. How to completely change the face of how we approach gift giving and how exactly to offer experiences with those we love, including our own kids.

So it's now a New Year! Cheers to all the life and love and memories coming in 2015. I am beyond excited for a full year ahead. My mind has been reeling with all the things I want to approach, I look forward it all. Happy 2015 my friends!