Trail Blazin'

It was a foggy, rainy day when a friend and I just said, "Hey, let's go." I'll never turn down an offer for accompaniment... or an adventure. So away we went! It wasn't the best day ever, which typically seems to be the case for me. I always end up able to take a day away when the snow already melted, or the rain just started, but you know - I'm ok with that. I love weather, all sorts. If you dress for it, it won't really matter. The best part, is that no place will be the same twice, and that I love!

So we grabbed lunch to go and explored some mountain roads, maybe had to back up a steep rocky road, and eventually found a waterfall to hike around and explore. It wasn't much, but it was all I needed. It's easy to forget how something so simple as being away from the city and breathing mountain air, can completely rejuvenate you.

Until next time.