My Holiday Gift Guide 2014

So, I wasn't going to do a gift guide this year. Honestly, there's nothing I could think of off the top of my head that I needed. However, we all have a few things we want, and I managed to find a few. Without further adieu, here is my 2014 wish list.

1. I'm a huge fan of snail mail. Embrace the tangible, meaningful element of letter writing with this cute set.
2. I can't get enough home decor. This hoop is a unique element that matches our style perfectly.
3. Admittedly, I lost my swoon worthy engagement ring over a year ago :(. We used my Grandma's inherited ring when we were married. I would love a unique, yet simple ring to wear daily.
4. I am in need of a new wood cutting board. This company's is my favorite.
5. This is the Pacific Northwest, and while I'm learning to dress in many warm layers, a new beanie is always a need!
6. We'll throw these wooden spoons in with the cutting board :).
7. I have been out of the loop with jewelry this past year. I love a few pieces I can wear daily. These earrings are something different, but I'm a fan!
8. A necklace to wear regularly.
9. Always adding new recipes can be messy. I love my Grandma's cookbook, but this box and cards would be a great solution for new ones.