Thoughts of Christmas

Often times, it's good to remember that our greatest adventures are right at home. It can be hard for me to remember that especially, but with my two - I'm reminded often. They are pretty darn great. I'm learning what it means to step back and let them be who they are and watch them shape into who they will be. It's really amazing to watch!

Presents aren't just things in our home. We ensured that wasn't the case years ago. The gifts we carefully select and place under our tree are thoughtful, needed, and/or offer an experience. Each year we do less and less, and it's been the best really. Ultimately the goal is to include more travel and experiences with our family. We have been explaining to our kids what it means and to teach them how wonderful it feels to not only GIVE, but offer sentiment and love as gifts.

I really loved watching that unfold this year, as we've had opportunities to make memories with family and friends unlike ever before. Even firsts for me with my parents. It's been amazing how simple and thoughtful moments together are, and how little else you need.