That's what you're here for

I've been needing to write lately. Like really, just get it all out. I'm not sure if it's the seasons changing, the warm drinks, need for heat constantly, or staying home and working on projects more than road trips this time of year - but all I really want to do is read good novels and write about everything.

I'm really having a hard time accepting that Halloween has come and gone, and since we didn't have our annual party since we're mid bathroom remodel, we're planning a Thanksgiving one. How are we here already?! I'm excited, as I always am. At the same time, I'm craving a walk through of the year and remembering all that has happened.

I'm convinced time is on fast forward most days, and while I try to soak in as much as I can and be as present as possible, it's inevitable. I never finished editing last years photos (!!!) and never got around to making a book to showcase all that I had captured. This year isn't looking so promising either. Sadly, I've gotten into the habit of quickly scanning through my favorites, editing those to share, and moving on. I never get back to the last batch, and well, they're still there. My plan is to really knock them all out and cull down the massive amounts that I have and showcase them.

I gently encourage my clients to print photos - some never do, and others print them all! I love that, and always wonder what people do with their prints. I really love designing albums, and I want to make more of my own. I've been passionate about albums since my early teen years, technology has just grown and changed that a bit. I love how it's developed, and I hope to create pieces of art that people really want to skim through.

So I'm taking this time of year to rest in more time for myself, to read more novels, to prepare carefully curated meals, and to edit and print. I want those images all over my walls, for my family to see, and for my children to look through the books I make for years to come. It doesn't matter if you print through an artisan company that everyone raves about, or through your local lab. It doesn't matter if you spend a few dollars or a few hundred, do what makes you happy, because I know I'll be working on that too!