That PNW outdoor livin'

Elbe Hills | October 2014

I am by no means a hunter or fisherman, it's just not really my thing. I really appreciate it though, and being married to a man who is passionate about those things, I understand the value in what they do. There's nothing I love more than active hobbies that draw out passion.

While I don't go on these sort of trips with him often, we make time when we can to do these things together, to share in each other's hobbies. I love the outdoors, and hunting is kind of like a good hike for me, so it works pretty well. And walking up river hand in hand, I'm not sure it gets much better. We leave the crowds of the popular fishing spot in search for something quieter. Aaah, he knows me :).

There's something to be said about the art of what goes into hobbies like this. Watching Jeremy perfect tying knots, predicting what bait works best, and throwing out that perfect cast - you can't deny the talent therein. I may not love his weekends away or really early mornings sometimes, but I really don't mind when I know this is what he's doing. It's a total reset from city life. To top it off, I love seeing him really happy too. When he comes home and walks through the door with that wild air clinging to him and mud soaked boots and big smile on his face, that's Pacific Northwest living at its finest.