What our fall is looking like

Fall has been a bit different this year in the PNW. With Indian summer days still lingering, we're all enjoying the breaks in the soggy/rainy days. It's been pretty great, especially since we still had some places we wanted to adventure to before summer was officially over. That's kind of the challenge with being such an adventurer, there's so many places you want to go! Hehee.

Anyway, as fall has been slowly settling in, we've enjoyed fresh market finds, pumpkin everything, and the back to school routine. It's been pretty great to get into the groove of things, and it's helped my work flow quite a bit.

I always look forward to fall and all that comes with it, but never the ending of the year, so I let that part take its time. But we can drag out the warm cozy blankets and warm drinks every day and that'd be fine with me! How are you enjoying fall? I'd love to hear!