Oktoberfest in Leavenworth

Oktober fest in  Leavenworth, WA | October 2014

I had never been to Oktoberfest before, so when a couple emailed me about regretting not hiring me for their wedding last fall, and wanted to do an anniversary shoot in the place they got married, I jumped all over it!

My husband and I had the weekend without kids, so we planned to make the trip a mix of business and pleasure. Unfortunately, I got hired last minute for a wedding the very next day! So we changed our plans and left at 5:30 in the morning for the 3 hour drive to Leavenworth. We stopped at our favorite spots along the way, made friends with horses and fed them our apples, then walked along downtown to take in the little Bavarian town before the crowds rolled in.

Our morning walk took us from one side of town to another. We found a little dirt road that lead to animal trails and rocks to climb on (which we did, of course). Slowly strolling back, enjoying the fall colors, we stopped for German sausages and beer before meeting with my clients.

We discovered a beautiful riverside park tucked behind the main streets of town and enjoyed the quiet  together. My husband was ecstatic to watch the salmon moving up river to spawn. It's pretty cute to see his excitement!

From town, we stopped along the Icicle River before ending at one my favorite lakes as the sun went down over a styled picnic. I wish every photo shoot/road trip was just like this, it was so fun! I'm ready to get back there though and enjoy time with my hubby again! I need to get as many hikes in before the cold scares me inside (I'm working on that).