This mama's heart

First day of 4th grade | September 2014

To be more present, patient, and compassionate every day, every moment. It's a challenge for all of us each day. And yet, time keeps going despite what we do or how we feel. We're in a season of drastic change for our family. School, work, literal and figurative seasons. It's all there and it's all happening. I'm trying hard to embrace these changes and understand this seemingly 'weird' phase in my life. Accepting where I am, where I'm going, and how I fit into this little piece of my own world.

As I send off my baby boy each morning now, I soak up what is turning into a new routine, and just so in love with the literal fall season approaching. How I live for this season! Yet it stands for this time of year, nearing the last half of the year. Just... what?! It is truly surreal to see it for what it is. To develop a growing appreciation for things and suddenly mindful of what my parents must have once felt (!!!). I want to live in each moment and remember with vivid certainty that I (we) did, in fact, live.

Happy 4th grade year baby! I hope it's the best!