Mornings with her

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

I think of mornings spent with my Grandma over cinnamon raisin toast, her with coffee, cozy slippers, blankets, and the paper to map out our route for antique shopping and sales. Sometimes in the morning I would find her out back watering her flowers, or sometimes watching the rain. Being on the back porch while it rained was always my favorite. Other times she would be out front tending her beloved rose bushes. I thought she had a magical gift with how she kept such beautiful roses all the time. I'm thankful I've learned those things too and to share her love of roses and mums, warm drinks in the morning, blankets, and well thought details. And mornings, of course. I would love to hear her voice, her soft sweet voice calling me baby and saying how much she loved me. It's incredible how someone can touch your life so much, so gently, and so innocently. To love and be loved.