Puget Sound Boat Ride

Puget Sound, Tacoma to Allyn | August 2014

Sweet clients of mine, the Fournier family, invited us out on their boat for an afternoon on the beautiful Puget Sound. From Tacoma to a little town, Allyn, we stopped in for a bite to eat at a local burger joint, ice cream for the kids, and a leisure ride back. It is usually a 40 minute drive, but I must admit, I am a fan of getting their by water instead!

The summer is drawing near to its end, and it's been a true joy getting out and soaking up the sun as much as possible. Admittedly, I have loved the few rainy days we've had, and am so greatly looking forward to fall again! While it's warm though, we're going to roll our windows down, keep the music up, and hike to our hearts content until the rain and cold pushes us to do all that with more layers on. Hehee.

While the guys talked fishing, Gina and I enjoyed leisure conversation while holding our little ones and loving the view along the way. It's moments like this where I feel redeemed that I'm doing well in my work, connecting, and building the relationships I hope for with my clients.