how it makes me feel | camping in Forks

 August 2014 | Forks, WA

This has been a crazy year so far. Crazy good mostly. It's been that exhilarating roller coaster of life and I'm thankful to be on it. My daughter turned 3, my son soon turns 10 and enters 4th grade, my parents moved from Florida to Washington, and life has changed quite a bit since the beginning of the year. Don't worry, I only shared the exciting things, there are authentic troubles we've faced as well, aren't there always?! It's been emotional at times, to see my parents interact with my kids on a regular basis, to teach my children real life lessons (to even be in that season of life and parenting), and to embrace and work hard on our first year of marriage.

So this camping trip to Forks with my parents and close family friends, was so incredibly welcome! It's one of our absolute favorite things to share what we love about this state with others. Isn't that something... to feel so much about a place?! You know, before I lived in Washington, I had never been camping before? Crazy, I know!