The Native Beaches | La Push

April 2014 | La Push, WA

Surrounded by mountains and massive trees, clouds lingering in between, bald eagles, and sometimes hail on the beach. That makes up the little Indian village of La Push. Our very first trip to Forks it hailed and rained hard, we weren't able to enjoy it as much. This last time though, I fully embraced it and nailed a few neat shots of the hail coming down as the kids and dogs played undeterred by the weather. These moments are my favorite, give me rain, hail, snow, wind - I don't care - it's an image you can't replicate and is so genuinely unique. No fancy overlays or photoshop, it's the real deal every time. I crave this part of our state. The Olympic Peninsula is a piece of my heart, and still has so much to be discovered for us. I am in awe every time I come here.

The last few images are near Lake Crescent, as you're leaving Forks.