Sol Duc Falls

April 2014 | Sol Doc Falls, Wa

Sometimes my little guy and I will run parts of the hike to expend some energy. Others times his sister and him will jump the steps. He always climbs the fallen logs or accessible trees. I've said it before, but I admire how the world is their playground. A lesson from them I hope to never forget. This hike has a little bit of all of that. It's a favorite of ours. When we get to the waterfall, Alyx finds little hiding spots alongside the river, Kate is usually getting grumpy, and I am being a little daring as I climb to the top of the waterfall (as long as the rocks aren't over slippery).

It was a great experience taking my parents and stepbrother there this trip. I just love taking people hiking who wouldn't usually. Sharing our love and passion for the Northwest is something both Jeremy and I love to do as well. Our experiences are unique, as we are quite often on the road to somewhere, and not always with a plan. Our children and dogs in tow, and we have everything we need. Throw in a couple friends or family and it couldn't be better!