Camping at Lake Wynoochee [Day 1]

June 2014 | Lake Wynoochee

After going on a small adventure this lake for Jeremy on Father's Day, we knew we wanted to come back to explore more. Taking my dad camping when he returned from his work trip was just the ticket. We spent five days and four nights exploring Lake Wynoochee and the Olympic National Park area with family and friends. It was incredible. I already want to go back!

We brought our boats, fishing poles, pups, and good food to ensure we got the most out of our experience for five days and four nights. We spent about two full days on the water rowing around in one boat or another soaking in those glorious sun rays! We were all completely sun-kissed for the first time of the summer.

When we were at the campsite, card games were the highlight of our days before we started up the fire for dinner and conversation. Relaxing with a good book was my most favorite too. I love the look of those bright colored tents against lush green forest, and even squeezed in an afternoon of reading in the tent as they kids and their dad fished [I may have napped a little too].

I have quite a few photos from the different adventures we went on while here, so I'll share more of those soon!