They came here, why?

When Jeremy was deployed, he connected with a number of new people, and many through social media. One of his friends who came home from Afghanistan last week had been following both Jeremy and I on Facebook. Just before he got back, his family planned a road trip across the country. They're final destination being Washington. His wife questioned his motives because she didn't know anyone here. Justin explained that his friend Jeremy shared incredible pictures of the adventures we go on and he just had to see this place for himself. She agreed.

So no kidding, Justin, Sabrina, and their three kids journeyed from Indiana to Washington, later to Texas and ultimately Georgia. When we got the call he was boots on the ground and that they are headed our way, Jeremy and I looked at each other like 'Oh no, what do we do?!' Having friends travel across the country because of you is enough to render most anyone speechless.

We quickly came up with a list of a few must see places nearby and scheduled some time to take them out. Once we got going, we were eager to take them to more places. We got too excited and after our first day of adventuring, we wanted them to stay. We don't have many friends with kids (especially that adventure like we do), so it was more than a welcome experience for us. After showing off Snoqualmie Falls, we ate at our favorite pizza place and spent a few hours of their last day in Washington together. They kept telling us how lucky we were, how much they love it here, and noting all the differences from their usual home down South. I loved hearing it!

The husband and I had a great time being tour guides for our beloved home state. We're looking forward to more adventures this summer and more of those incredible Northwest sunsets. Stay tuned for more friends! Have an incredible week!