Thanks Summer

BBQ'ing and dinners on the patio is one of my all time favorites! I absolutely love the cool crisp air as the sun begins to set, and the small talk around the table as we all enjoy a good meal.

Completely unlike our usual selves, we have been making a bigger effort to stay home a little more. We're needing to get projects completed, spend time connecting with one another, and be with friends and family when the opportunity arises. Our adventures often include friends and family, but it is nice to be apart of each other's home lives as well.

It's incredible how busy we've found ourselves these past few months, probably longer, but who's counting? Between 5 week classes for both my husband and I, work, and summer popping in with a bright beam of light that shines in my door right around 6 am to say, "GOOD MORNING!" Our friends and family and adventures have been... well, not neglected per-say... but our usual time with them hasn't been consistent. We need things done. And now! Projects going on for months, right along with papers to write and finals to study for, we're so eager to get our bikes out and take the kids for a ride. It's been all in or not at all with us, which is really challenging when you need to have a balance between the two.

So, we've found moments like dinners on the patio to bring ourselves back to a better pace, to laugh together, and enjoy each other's company. To find time to sneak in a quick board game game, to cuddle a little more in bed, and drive or walk a few extra blocks. That's what summer is after all, isn't it? Those moments of soaking in that late sunshine, fresh cut grass and sprinklers to play in, afternoon tea and popsicles on the front porch, BBQ for dinner most every night, and movies late into the evening.

Hey summer, feel free to stick around. We like you!