Cushman Lake

I love that no matter how many times we go somewhere or do something, it is always uniquely beautiful. I am captivated every time. We recently took some out of town friends on a tour of some must-see local spots for a little exploring. They told us how lucky we are to have all of this. I didn't quite understand the lucky at first, but after pondering it over, I realized that of all the places I've lived, Western Washington has the most.... well, everything. There is endless bounty in outdoor activities. From mountains to ocean, sunshine to snow - it's likely you can find what you're looking for if you aren't afraid of trying. I love that about this place.

What I've discovered I love just as much, is sharing that with others. We've been taking my parents who have lived up here a few months now, as well as friends who stop by our lovely state. There are probably more trails here than I could ever possibly explore, but I could spend hours... days even... walking through the forests, up the mountains, and by the rivers.

My goal this summer is to spend time outside as much as we can, take in all the wonder we can, and stay as active as possible in our favorite old places, and a list of new places I've been craving to visit. I have so many incredible little adventures to share with you, like this one, and as I catch up on editing, I'll gladly share more. ¡Viva Washington!