No plans for Memorial Weekend. What?!

This is our story of this past holiday weekend. I know I probably share too many photos, but this is how I tell my stories best. From the moment we begin to the moment we end and everywhere in between. I love these little faces and the people who are around me. This weekend started off like usual, but longer. We don't typically have plans for Memorial weekend because it's crazy busy everywhere and that takes away from what we love most. Since we had all this time off and at the same time, we still wanted to do something, regardless of what weekend it was.

Memorial weekend isn't much of a celebration to me. Of course, we celebrate those who did more than their service and duty to our country, but it's a time to remember. We all chose to do that in various ways - being with my family, when so many can't be with theirs was all I could manage to do. I thought of and spoke regularly of those I knew who made the ultimate sacrifice, how great they were are. I want to always remember them. I also don't want to forget the families who are the epitome of inspiration and strength

It's been a really long time since our family has ever been able to just be together. It feels so good to have some of my family near and have these opportunities. I don't think I've ever played a board game with my dad and this weekend broke the ice on that. I also could say that about hiking, until he moved here last month, and here we are! I am so grateful, and I think that's what I want to achieve most out of this holiday. To be more thankful than I could ever imagine, and share my gratitude and patriotism with those around me.