How we adventure in just a few hours

A lot of our adventures can be a few hours to drive to, spend a few days there, or even take a few days to get there - but sometimes, that isn't the most reasonable thing for us, believe it or not. We are parents after all, and sometimes home demands us far greater than we desire due to our love of exploring. If you remember this post, and this one too as we began day trip adventures we took to that concept now that my parents are here and want to explore as much as they can and take up our type of lifestyle. My stepmom told me when we were beginning her moving process here that she wanted to live and see things more positively... "like you do," she said. I felt humbled by her kind words that she saw me in a way that leaves me feeling fulfilled. Adventurous, positive.

So while I'm tackling loads of editing that will likely have me buried up to my elbows for the next few weeks, school work I could care less to do, home repairs we've started and haven't finished, and wishing upon a star to go camping instead of doing any of the above - we're taking the responsible route to get these things done. *sigh* On a positive note, stay tuned for those long awaited images from our cross country trip and other little adventures that have been waiting to be done!