How He Won My Heart | Nevada

It wasn't until I was telling Jeremy for the billionth time that I was ready for a big life change. I just had to go. The last time I told him that, his response was, "Baby, if something is wrong and you need to go, we can go together. Whatever it is, we can fix it and when we're done, we can go home."

We set the date after that and were married last fall.

The motto in our relationship has been to work hard and play harder. We live by that. We may have to wait until our days off, we may have to plan more than we care to, we may have more home projects than we can finish, therefore leaving our house in a permanent state of remodeling. We might only get to do a day adventure and stay close to home, and we might have to deal with our kids in a way that keeps us from going where we want. In the end though, we make a plan together, even if it's simply leaving the house together and we figure things out after that. Sometimes we just pick a place and go there, explore everything we can along the way.

It's not glorious world traveling, I may not get on an airplane as frequently as I'd like, I may not see the world wonders as soon as I want, but... this is life. It's my life. It's your life. And sometimes, we get to intertwine and we live some of it together. We will still do things to make ourselves happy right now. When we get the chance, we'll do things to make ourselves even happier. For me, that's traveling and living out of my backpack someday. This is the life we chose and the life we live, why not live it?