A clear mind leads to a clear heart

Weekend adventures are truly my favorite. Nothing resets my busy weeks better than getting outdoors. This weekend we took to three different hikes in the Olympic Peninsula. We booked our favorite lodge, brought along our family and our friends and ensured a good time for all. After hiking, we hit the lake and cruised around. I've never seen this group of our family so happy - everyone was so content, and at that moment, I felt like I succeeded. I love to make people happy, and in that moment, I truly succeeded. Everything felt right and good.

Our hikes started short and easy, which got the little ones ready for a longer hike and longer time outdoors. From the start we've learned to accommodate their needs and requests to ensure that ultimately, hiking would become something they would enjoy like we do. It's worked. I've been taking Kate hiking since she was a baby, not even able to walk yet, she was in my hiking pack climbing mountains with me. Alyx has been hiking since he was about 6. I pack their favorite snacks and lunches and sometimes, we have to take turns carrying Kate when she grows tired. She's getting stronger and developing endurance, our tired muscles thank her. Good attitudes go a long way and stopping for breaks turns into play time to break up the monotony they feel at times.

It's a simple affair, our biggest expense is the fuel to take us wherever we dream up. The sun shown only infrequently, the light crept through the trees and made for beautiful light and cool temperatures. We took in mother nature's glory and respected her work, soaking in the incredible waterfalls and greenery. I can't get enough of the PNW trees. How I love them! At times it felt like we were in the middle of a vast rainforest somewhere far away, but no, this is home, and how lucky we are!