Welcome to Beautiful Colorado

Colorado was everything I imagined it to be. It was my first time ever going through it, and I was glued to the window, taking in every bit of scenery I could. The mountains stretch as far as you can see, and when you get to the Rockies, they tower high above, taking up what looks like the whole sky! Like Washington, the air was fresh and crisp. It made me think a lot of the Pacific Northwest, but with perpetual snow at one point or another along the way. We took a break from driving once we spotted the Colorado River. The kids and dogs absolutely loved climbing over rocks, running, laughing, and playing together while dad tossed a line in the water. Snow covered the far bank of the river and I couldn't help exploring and taking in different scenes along the river.

This was also the first time we stopped to stay anywhere outside of our RV. We needed internet to submit school work assignments, and we were more than ready for real showers. We drove through Grand Junction and found an adorable place to rest as night fell. The stars were incredible and the shape of the mountains came clear as your eyes adjusted. It was also quite cold compared to most of the trip. Our next stop was Vail, which was a really neat ski town. It was a lot like being in the mountain/ski towns at home too. There were ski shops and signs everywhere, and everyone dressed for the outdoors. I loved every moment of it. 

As we came up on Denver, we detoured to visit the Buffalo Bill site. It offered an incredible view and fun place to visit and rest. Stay tuned for that next!