This land is our land, and it's glorious

Making it to Arches National Park was so surreal after having driven for hours on end, days away from home. The landscape was so vastly different from our usual snowcapped mountains and tall dark green evergreens. As soon as the land flattened out, I was already missing our lush scenery. It's incredible how different one place is from another, and Washington has grown on me immensely. I loved it though too, I love feeling that appreciation that isn't so obvious when you're around something all the time.

Having time to read books, study the change of scenery, appreciate my family and traveling together has really helped shape me again. I have felt so alive these past few days, and it's all from the simplest of things. Cooking a simple meal for my family, reading a book, writing about our travels, taking photos to truly capture our journey and tell a story... I feel so passionate. So ready to conquer anything and everything I've been waiting to do, and bravely eager to connect with others. Something I can't do so easily most days.

Feeling thankful is hardly a fraction of the fluttering in my chest. That feel good, do good, no matter what happens all-can-be-made-right-in-the-world feeling. I've learned from this trip so far, that I can feed my soul in many ways. Simple or complex, big or small, it doesn't matter. Doing things that creatively inspire me to boost my morale and share that with others - why not?!

We're apart of this vast nation full of incredible people and places. Often during our driving, I thought about the people who we drove past, where they were going, if they were on vacation or loved traveling, was this foreign part of the land home to them, are they happy, talented, well known? The list goes on. One aspect of social media I took advantage of was seeing others on Instagram who had tagged the same location as me. It was so neat to see others who had visited places we did and their view.

I'm excited to share this little part of our trip with you, it was by far, one of the most incredible, also the most windy. It was cold because of the intense winds. That didn't discourage our drive up the mountains to see the intricate rock formations. We reached the second rest stop to view Delicate Arch, whip up a quick lunch, and stretch our legs before squeezing in a quick drive through of Moab. We're putting Moab on the top of our list to visit again. An outdoor adventurer's heaven!

The Mid-West is next!! Thanks for stopping by!