Getting across the country

Prior to this trip even being an idea we entertained, I was getting restless, considering options, figuring out what to do, where to go and for how long. It's a blessing and a curse. The incessant desire to travel. And not travel in the let's plan a trip and backpack around Europe type of travel, but the kind where things get uprooted, changed, and are at some point spontaneous. I can't help it, it's in my veins. So as there was, we had this incredible trip before us, and as is my usual, my heart felt at home with the long winding road ahead of me, a bag packed, and only the ultimate destination is known. What happens along the way is a story in its own.

As it was, our first real stop was in Idaho at Malad Gorge State Park. It was an incredible view just off the highway, and a stop I'm so glad we took. I could have explored there all day (as most places). The second was also in Idaho, where Evel Knievel did a failed jump across the canyon, Snake River. My father's childhood idol, a daredevil I watched on more than one occasion as a kid with him. It was breathtaking, and completely surreal to think that people could walk, run, and visit a location such as this on a regular basis. It wasn't the Grand Canyon, but it was a grand canyon nonetheless.

We packed up all the freshest foods from home (after having used all that we could before leaving), along with healthy snacks to maintain a decent diet. The kids haven't complained, as long as some fruit snacks and juice were thrown in there. It's been an easy trip so far, one I am thankful to be on, and ready for the adventure to come.

If you're interested, I shared the beginning of our trip with our adventure mobile, here. And of course, jumped ahead of myself and shared some undeniable beauty from Utah, here.

Stay tuned..