What Valentine's Day Means to Us

There is a lot of love and hate for this little holiday. Single or taken, I've always loved this "hallmark holiday." I love the cards, candies, flowers, balloons, and all that crap. It's fun, it's nice, and why not? Just why the heck not? Back in high school, I would sneak off to the middle school and put treats in my little brother's locker. I kept it going when I had my baby boy. I got him a red heart shaped pillow for his very first.

Nearly a decade later, Valentine's day takes on new meanings. Previous years we have spent the evening at a fancy dinner, a nice lodge, bubble baths, and wine. All that cliche, wonderful stuff. I don't go all out decorating and making a huge fuss over holidays (not that I don't want to, I love all that stuff you guys do, it's just not in my ability level - I'm working on that... sometimes... maybe). But we take the time to show one another lovey stuff, because there is a day for it amongst all the busy days, and again, why not?

So now in 2014, we don't do quite the traditional stuff as before, but instead, we show our love for one another in a different way. We ensure to give each other the day dedicated to just us. Our kids get a little something, and we make a big deal out of it for fun, but the day is ultimately ours. This year, like last, we hit the mountains and went skiing. I love this new trend. I hope we make skiing a bigger thing in our lives, mostly because I want to get better, stop falling, and not get such massive bruises anymore. Mostly though, in the PNW, if you don't have something to get you outside, you're inside far too long from the rain and cold. I'm just not meant for that. I go from content to cabin fever in .90 seconds.

When I stop to think about the 'us' in this day, I love what I see. Starting with the beginning of our day, it goes something like this: Wake up to a sweet card, leave at 6:30am to drop the kids off at mom's and head to the mountain. Get to the mountain, anxious and ready 1.5 hours later only to realize I forgot my bag of snow gear. Spend the hour long drive home with a patient and encouraging husband to get said snow gear. Stop for a delicious deli lunch and chocolate covered strawberries we share on the drive to another mountain that is open later the previous, another hour long drive. Ski for only 3 hours, until I take two major roll-slide-head-over-heel-falls and injure my leg. Take a break hoping for immediate recovery, only to find the injury is pretty painful, and is preventing me from taking to the slopes again. Husband doesn't mind one bit and holds my hand back to the car and happily brings us home. We rent a movie for the kids and enjoy drinks and popcorn until we all fall asleep. My heart is full.

A Valentine's Day well spent... Thank you husband, I love you!