The day she reached her third year of life

"Though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare

I am a firm believer in celebrating on the day-of for any and all events. I know, I know, that suspense can be killer. But I love that surprise, joy, and utter excitement you get from celebrating on the big day! So when we have to celebrate a birthday a day or so before or after, I can't leave the actual day left undone. Kate's party was scheduled for Saturday with all of our closest friends. Her birthday was actually on Friday. Jeremy and I planned the day around her, ensuring she knew this day was her birthday and the following was her party. This is the first year she has actually understood it all, and that alone really made it so exciting for everyone. Her happiness is contagious.

Happy Birthday to my sweet 3 year old princess, Kate. To see more from the impromptu photo session, check it out here.