Brr, it's cold!

February's chill has called for nothing but warmth and comfort. I am just not built for this type of cold. However, I don't let it completely hold me back either, especially if there is snow involved!

This week some of my favorites have included homemade soup (clam chowder to win over my hubby's heart!), a little girl and her ice cream, and brother sister love. It's been hard for our family to be indoors a little more than we would like, but hope of spring is in the air.

We really enjoy the changing of the seasons though, and I feel a sense of renewal as each one comes to a close and another is welcomed. When it's hot, we welcome the cool. When it's cold, we welcome the warmth. I love that. I love adjusting to the changes and how each season carries its own unique beauty along with different adventures.

Stay warm friends!