6 Years Later

It's completely crazed that I've managed to settle myself into staying put for over 6 years. Not all that time has been under one roof, but the past 5 have, roughly, and that says something. A few years ago I rejected the first and only real proposal I've ever received. It wasn't until he found the words to meet his actions, "I can fix anything," and "If you need to go somewhere, we can go together. Then we can come back." That resonated through me like a lighting bolt and I finally said I would. It would still be a few years before a formal ceremony would occur, as per my usual, I was in no hurry.

It would be completely false to indicate that any of this time has been pure bliss, but my heart would chime in that time spent has been fuller and richer more often than not. Not to exclude heartache and sorrow in its time, but isn't that often the case? I still dream of far off places and imagine life alone in a window-covered loft near the ocean, but no place calls me greater than the home we've built together. We are completely different people than when we met, but we have those memories together. We have changed, grown together and apart, and in so many ways, fused together in a way that if separated, would be confusing. Isn't it amazing what can happen when two people come together? I often dream of how it works, boy meets girl (or something like that), house, children, work, and lots of love later, there is a hearth and home surrounding and stemming from two people once known as complete strangers. It's all completely left up to chance, or fate, if you will.

Our previous anniversaries have been grand to say the least, but this year, well, life got ahead of us. In all honesty, this trip took place and when we came home we realized what the date was, and wow! We should commemorate this time in some way. Any ideas?! Eh. We decided to spend the afternoon on into the evening together and visit a few new places and enjoy time alone. It was treasured. We fell into bed well past the last evening hour and slept until the morning beckoned us up and we groggily kissed and said our 'I love you's' for an evening well spent.

It's come to be that the quiet, calm, and simple times have proved to be the best for us. When we place good, flavorful foods on our table, a favored drink of sorts, and simply the company of one another has ended up being our event of choice. On occasion, we entertain other fabulous people and truly rejoice in the laughter and conversation. We are frugal, yet, we ensure time is well spent and our bellies are full. I am satisfied that there is much comfort in that, and in our likeness and differences, we smile at one another.