So Much Thanks

Cheers to another beautiful Thanksgiving! Hope you had a most wonderful one..

After what I thought would be a Thanksgiving dinner with just the four of us, our sweet friends brought their friends and made it a wonderful feast full of good conversation, laughter, and all while enjoying delicious food!

After Thanksgiving, we talked over ideas for what we would do with the remainder of the weekend and the time our boy has off from school, and well, we didn't want to waste that! After driving around to check how Black Friday was going last year, I have been [permanently] dubbed an online shopper! So I was more than happy to trade the crowded stores for these mountain views. But seriously, how did you all make out... I couldn't not love those deals?!

And here is our literal interpretation of a holiday weekend well spent. We have so much to be thankful for, and felt there was no better way to come together and enjoy this beautiful life, than to venture out and explore together. Truly, I am so very thankful for these simple pleasures.

Honestly, I was disappointed when we drove into the mountains and there wasn't any snow. It's all I was hoping for! So when we woke up on December 1st, getting ready to venture home, I opened the curtain to see freshly fallen snow! I couldn't help myself - I ran around the cabin and woke everyone up. Sorry I'm not sorry.

These guys know how to do it...!