A Glimpse of Mornings and Evenings

As I rose in the midst of early morning shadows, I sleepily gathered my little girl in my arms and found my way to the not-yet-warm couch. We stayed there huddled together and wrapped blankets until hunger further woke us.

We shuffle through cupboards to find something - anything - to satisfy the littlest of our family until breakfast would be served, a regular morning routine. Once the desire is met, I am instantly struck with my first true observation of the day, unique colors of the sunrise mixing with the glow of Christmas lights strung around the window, lighting the room in the most pleasing way. An exceedingly serene setting. It's a time of light I wish I could bottle up. My husband can't quite understand why I keep the lights inside turned off for as long as I can, as I crave the natural cast of light filtering in.

My eyes wandered to the window waiting to behold what glory of a sunrise is lighting my room just so, and am hit with the bold pink colors themselves, most glorious in every way. My wishes are always that I was standing in an open plain, able to see every square inch of the beauty, unobstructed.

As my thoughts quiet and the house noises pick up, the sky gives way, letting clouds roll in, maybe a heavy layer of fog, wishfully hoping for snow in today's forecast, sometimes there's rain, or if we're lucky, simple blue skies. I then hope to fit in a warm cup of something, often making breakfast and school lunches is in its place. In the slight that I can sit and enjoy a bit of peace for a moment longer, I simply embrace all that surrounds me and let my thoughts stray here and there, until there is no more tranquility to speak of and the days to-do list is heavily nudging at me to begin.

As the morning goes on, I enjoy the cold on my bare feet, being up to see the sunrise, the holiday feeling that encompasses me, and the way winter offers nothing but comfort despite Mother Nature's chill and barren temperament.

Although, if I may, I sneak in time for catching up on the blogs I frequent while drinking my tea. Even still, there are likely cartoon noises playing in the background, maybe a child fussing, but I will try as I might to take in my last few minutes of morning.