We Played Hard

Usually our adventures will span the weekend, a fun overnight or two somewhere we can explore. Lately however, we haven't been able to make up our minds about what or where we want to go, not to mention, not really wanting to spend so much more time and money into sleeping over somewhere. So to keep ourselves active and outdoors despite the gloom and rain that is frequent and well known in the Pacific Northwest, we've made day trips out of our weekends!

Sweet hugs from my littles is the best thing. ever. ^

We literally have left the house two weekends in a row, four total days, with absolutely no destination in mind. We pick a direction we are completely unfamiliar with and just go that way. It's lead to some really amazing days with my little family. No time restraint, no reservations, no plans to follow - just going, exploring, and loving every single minute of it.

This particular trip took us South East of our home. Jeremy is familiar with the rivers in this part of the state (well, most all the rivers in Western Washington), and some of the areas he had worked at years ago. We found beautiful countryside, parks, hatcheries, and lakes to stop and enjoy. Our pups loved being free and roaming, and we played. Yeah, we played on the playground with our kids and it was great, we look silly, but it was great.

This kid is fearless. and I love it.

I swear I'm not mean, but Kate just had to walk the puppy. Our puppy that has grown considerably over the past few months. Each time he started off with her in tow, she would hop, skip, and crash. Then she would get up and say, "I'm okay." and do it all over. Hahaa, I laughed so hard when I saw these photos in succession!

I have so many more neat places and images to share with you, but I wanted to get started! I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend in support of our amazing Veterans.