Thoughts on home

Recently I've come to value the space in our home. I've always appreciated it, of course, but to truly appreciate each little space that makes up our whole home, takes a little more thought and effort. I didn't really grow up with this frame of mind, but the more I've thought about my time spent with my Grandmother, and after visiting her home a few months ago, I realized just how much I loved the feeling of knowing every little corner and the sweet memories it held. You could see the effort she put into it and the thrifted treasures she carefully decorated with.

From serving an aesthetically appealing meal at home, to minding your daily wear, to carefully purchasing items with a purpose and decorating your little spaces - the value you feel only increases. These spaces will hold your memories, laughter, tears, and all the years spent raising your children and building your marriage, is by far, the most valuable in all your life.

Think of the feeling of your childhood home. Think of how it feels to go back. Think of the accomplishment and pride you feel to share the spaces you delicately put together with nothing but intent and love. I want my children to hold sweet memories and feel a sense of belonging that I only have with my grandma's home. I want even their spaces to be just as sweet.

I see so many beautiful spaces, but then I also see spaces that are simply thrown together, lived in, not always cared for. As I come to notice these little details or the lack thereof, there's a little ache in my chest, because we all have something to offer, we all have something to build, and all it needs is our time. These spaces won't necessarily happen over night and they certainly don't have to cost a fortune. Take the two cards pictured above - those .99 Trader Joe's finds are greeting cards that are soon to be framed and hung on my wall. Aren't they beautiful?! Over the past few months, Jeremy and I have spent countless hours going through each room in our home, organizing and getting rid of things we no longer need or use. It's been a great feeling of accomplishment. We often hear compliments of, "your home is so cozy," and no doubt a smile crosses my face that a feeling of home is so very present here. I will never be a fabulous decorator, but I can put myself and my family into every bit of it. Now, my plan is to truly dedicate each corner and create it with intent and purpose.
I'll be sure to share as things come together :).
Do you have any posts of your space? Please share!