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A new found love of etsy began with our wedding. I could seriously order everything, although a lot of things I'm interested in, we could make ourselves, but you pay for convenience, right? The rest that I can't, I already dream of its place in our home. I did a little holiday shopping on a whim tonight. It wasn't intended, I honestly can't even remember what I was looking for or why. But yay me for being ahead of the game!

Some of my current favorites (you can also click on images for links)...
  • The album shown is drop dead gorgeous, found here, would be a beautiful addition and such a fun project for all of our personal wedding photos [side note: 10 weeks later, we finally received our wedding images, yay!].
  • It took me a few years, but the Pacific Northwest has become my home. I love it here. And I love things that represent this beautiful state, it's all done so beautifully anyway! Find those two items here and here. The best part is that they're custom, so they can be made for any state!
  • That sweet little teepee would be such a fun addition for our littles! We've been thinking of making one. Crazy?
  • I will purchase this print!
  • I have already ordered a similar stamp (can't beat no more stickers!). I learned calligraphy in my high school art class days, I've always been a fan, and I LOVE love that it's coming around again.
If you read this post, you'll already know about our efforts to turn our home into a treasured space for our family. I'm slowly learning each little process to putting your personality into things and how to customize on a budget. It's a slow and steady process, but our home needs to be a place of comfort, to feel like we're getting away, but in our space. Everyone has their haven, their secret spot - being in the city can be hard for that, especially during our cold and rainy months... and that leads us to our current motivation.

The best part of this, is that even my little boy is excited. I asked him to compile a list of his favorite things, then we'll go through our photos and choose his favorites based on that list and keep a keen eye out for things to showcase in his room and make his space more comforting.

I'm an instant gratification kind of gal, so it's taking an extra dose of patience to sleep on things before I go out and buy paint for each new room! Ha ha.

Alyx's list | "Things I like a lot." I'll have to take a photo of his list, it's the cutest thing ever.
Mt. Rainier. Adventures. Walks. Going to friends houses. Chuck e Cheeses. Charlie Safari. Help cooking. Help plant flowers. Going to new states, Florida of course. I like making arts with you. Taking pictures of course. Love the sea? Yes. I like cameras. You are the best.

Did your heart just melt? Mine did!