College Life

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking of how much my life has changed, personally and professionally. The constant changes, growth, and our lives represented throughout my photos are a huge reminder of that. This year has been a great one for us, full of so much wonder, happiness, and even some heartache. Well rounded, I'd say. 

So yesterday, while going through my desk, I found my old student I.D. Aren't those always some memorable times?! I was quickly reminded of a huge pile of textbooks I have sitting in the corner of my den. A pile of books that grew until I found a better way to deal with each new quarter and the demand for a new book each class.

You simply can't ignore the modern day conveniences that make our lives so much easier. In fact, it was easily one of the bigger stresses I felt at the beginning of each quarter. I became pretty creative to save a few, and after much research, I stumbled upon You mean I don't have to keep a stack of large textbooks after each class I take?! Aside from the incredible savings and features of this company, is that they give back. With each textbook rented through them, they donate to Operation Smile. I find myself more and more encouraged to support companies when they are local, small businesses and/or that so selflessly give back to the community in some way. Especially as does, it warms my heart.

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Additional perks to
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Just in case you need more information, check out these informative [and fun] videos! videohow it works videohow it works

It really helps through life to have companies that are genuinely available to be there for you, save you money, and offer products useful to your life. So if you're a college student and need textbooks, well, why not save a few and just rent your books?!

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