The Olympic Peninsula is the place to be

The Olympic Peninsula is my husband's favorite place on earth. Now, easily one of our family's favorite places. The Hoh rainforest ranks as one of the top 10 quietest places on earth, and that's what first attracted me. I actually read an article on it before ever visiting and quickly added it to my list. Little did I know. Forks is a cute little town with some really great people even though every other person you meet in town is a fisherman. Everyone has a drift boat or two. It rains nearly every day. And it is breathtakingly beautiful.

We visit this area a few times a year, and that will probably increase as Jeremy learns to fish the rivers in his boat more. I don't mind. We do manage some cute cabins to stay at. Even though we intend on camping some time, the cabins always win us over!

Huckleberry was such a cozy place to stay. On the back end of someone's property, quiet and rustic. There were campers, a place to sit by the fire, trails to walk. It was perfect. We arrived late the first night, but not the second morning, I made a horrible first cup of coffee (not my strong suit) so the husband fixed it while we enjoyed the rain on the front porch. My kind of livin'.