signs of fall + morning routines

A new morning routine is a walk wherever we are. The signs of fall are simply beautiful.

I had a bunch more things in mind to write about for this post, but I'm sharing quite a few photos, and they seem to express my thoughts better than anything I can think out loud at the moment. I will share a few words off topic below.

Hunter found an apple and carried it home.
I listened to some business talk about inspiring growth today. I took a down a few notes while I was simultaneously handwriting out our wedding Thank You cards. I've been slowly beginning a log book of daily activities, mostly things that might be worth referencing some time later. A way to monitor my routines and the actions I take in way of my business.

Anyway, the main words I keep hearing [from a book I recently read, a few conversations with other creatives, and through this online workshop] is: authentic. Be authentic in your business. Follow your strengths and promote yourself in that way. Be authentic. I could go on about the things I've learned, but it really makes you think when it comes to not only being an entrepreneur, but also in life.

I'll be working on that much more in detail for the upcoming seasons and building a strong new brand in my business. I hope you all follow along and enjoy what you see :).

Happy Tuesday!