seattle anthropologie + downtown

..and the final post for our date in Seattle! It's been crazy busy around here and I have been itching to share these with you all.

I've heard so much about the store Anthropologie, so when we walked by in downtown Seattle, I had to stop in and see what it was all about.

It was an amazing store from the moment we stepped in. I love all the little details, and the unique items they have.

How could you not love this?
As we were on the way out, I grabbed a few price tags on their oh-so-cute clothes, only to discover that nothing was less than $80-, not even a sweater. *sigh* So, I will live vicariously through all of you who aren't as money tight as I am when it comes to buying clothes ;).

I've never had a hot dog from one of those stands before, so we got one! YUM!

Then appetizers, drinks, and games at Game Works. Livin' it up!

Heading back to the car after our awesome date in Seattle, we stopped to listen to the awesome bucket drummer [seriously, it was GOOD], and these girls were dancing like there was no tomorrow. LOVED IT!

Goodnight Seattle. Until next time...