A Dream Come True | The Beginning

I can't even begin to express how amazing this trip has been.

Let me start from the beginning... My only involved grandparent passed away in July, my dad road tripped from Florida to Washington for my wedding, he received some of his moms cremated ashes to be spread in the one place she loved most - California, we didn't get a formal goodbye with my Grandma, so we had our own memorial, we drove to California together and visited the places of our family roots.

I would LOVE to blog more about this experience, but we're actually on our last leg of the trip, and I am just so thrilled to have internet again, I couldn't help but share some of this amazingness.

I have only ever dreamed of being in the land I once fondly knew as 'home' [but left as a child] with my parents. To have that with my dad was literally a dream come true for me. Places that I have since visited as an adult, I finally went to with him. I only wish we had more time, but I am eternally grateful for all the time we had together.. From our time walking down the aisle to our time in this orange orchard eating the most delicious oranges on God's green earth..

I promise to share much more with all of my lovely readers soon. Until then, share your thoughts and blogs with me in the comments below!