A New Season | A Few Favorites

My last wedding of the season ended with one of my new wedding favorite photos. I am excited for the new year for my business, as this year has been kind to me, and a lot of fun.

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My greatest weakness is also my greatest fault.

I am spontaneous as can be.

I go with the flow in just about every aspect of my life, including my business. I am incredibly laid back about most everything. I make decisions on a whim, and I plan [in advance] for next to nothing.

I like things that way.

Yet, I feel as if I'm coming to a time in my life where I am yearning for more consistency. I have recently discovered a desire for lists, for not purchasing doubles of items I forget I have, regulated laundry, a more organized work flow, a better daily schedule, better planned adventures, etc..

A spur of the moment park adventure ^

An evening at the Washington state fair, after a downpour ^

A pleasant surprise to see my roses in bloom yet again. I ran out in the pouring rain, because I wanted a photo before it opened more. ^

Fall has butted its head in and ended summer with a jolt. We're welcoming it with open arms. While I always miss sunshine and warm weather, I adore the sound of rain, cool breezes, homemade soup, warm drinks, and cute sweaters. My hubby found these cute Field & Stream mugs that we've been enjoying my homemade soup out of, and he made us mango margaritas [the mango mix is from a wedding gift basket we received]. Pretty good, eh?

^ Looks like fall, huh? Quick change this year, and it's colder sooner this year than last. Surprisingly, I don't mind as much as I have years past. Looks like the Pacific Northwest life is settling in my bones ;)

Kate helping me cook - flour ends up all over her when she stirs. She also loves to taste test everything I cook, I hadn't expected her to stick her tongue in the pumpkin. Hahaa. Oops!

We purchased a waffle maker, so I made pumpkin waffles. They are incredibly delicious and I highly recommend them this season. Google is your friend :).

What was meant for an after school snack for my boy, ended up being dinner [because of my poor planning]. However, it worked out perfectly and we knocked out some much needed chores that lead to a perfectly timed adult time this evening with a night cap and much needed quiet time together.

As I began, I have started feeling a greater sense of responsibility. It's hitting me pretty hard. Thankfully, Jeremy and I are on the same page and are eager to organize and minimize multiples aspects of our lives. But I also find it a struggle to keep up with my demanding expectations. Anyone else super hard on themselves?

Anyway, along with better responsibility has come a greater understanding for the motherly role of truly caring for your family. Mostly, I've tried to ensure we eat as clean and healthy as possible, while still indulging in our favorites from time to time. We want to grow young and enjoy our lives with our children, clean eating is a big part of that. Along with upholding certain family expectations, chores, and again, daily schedules, I am slowly beginning my journey to a better.. us..

Any advice or thoughts?

Thank you for reading!