We've thought of everything

Yesterday we decided on our final table setting. The rental company had an amazing building they worked out of. Seriously, I could've spent all day there!

Not too formal. Nice and simple.

Before we headed to our venue to schedule the rehearsal and all final plans, my babe stopped to get us fro-yo. I've been crazy stressed and it's just starting to hit him too. Never too busy for a moment with eachother :).

After the incredibly long days we've been having, they end up like this :).

..and this is when I took her up to bed. Hahaa.

And then today, another long list of to-do's. Kate got comfortable on her brother while leaving the hardware store. So sweet.

"I tan (can) carry it." Ok baby girl.

Then dress shopping with my sister while also knocking out all the other shopping we can manage at the dreaded mall.

Things are coming together, and it's all details we're carefully selecting. It's certainly exhausting, but I am beyond thrilled to see all of our hard work come together on our wedding day. My parents are leaving THIS WEEKEND, and I'll be seeing them later next week! It's so crazy to even think, but oh so good!

So without further adieu, I'm off to order more things and plan for the rest. I hope you all aren't minding all the wedding planning details on here. It's all I can think about lately, and well, it consumes my life these days. I'm certainly excited to share the final results with you!