post alley + pikes place | seattle

...and the fun just keeps on comin'. I am loving this little series of our date day in Seattle! With no actual plans, we were really able to enjoy the flexibility of the day - and the city. There are throngs of people, but it's worth it to stop in and see what each shop has to offer. Starting with Post Alley, I discovered my love for Orange Cinnamon tea - local to Seattle.

I adore Pike's Place, but I'm more than happy with once in a blue moon. As we left Post Alley, we discovered a clothes line, which lead to a neat story that was left on the gate for passerby's to read, along with colorful flowers and umbrellas. Pike's Place offers such a variety of fresh bouquets, fresh seafood, unique treasures and shops - all outside of equally neat businesses like Seattle's own Hard Rock Cafe.

Jeremy and I were excited to stop in and enjoy time in the bar [a rarity for us], but after some time with absolutely no service, we left, walked around, and found our way to a few local stores, and eventually, Game Works. Seriously, that place is a good time, even if you don't care for an arcade [like me].

More to come! :)