a perfectly simple day

Welcome August!

I woke to the feel of fall in the air. My bedroom window was open a little, and as I slowly stirred awake, I pulled my blankets closer and closer. Not long after did I make room for my little man to cuddle in next to me.

It was a perfect morning.

Since it was just my babes and I today, we ventured downtown to the library. While the part of Tacoma the library is in can be a little frightening, this library is large and beautiful. Two stories with book displays everywhere. There is even a rare books room, "museum," that I have yet to explore, but the prospect is exciting! I love getting lost in the rows of books until I find the perfect one. There is a great big space for children's books, and a spacious nook with a table and chairs, a small rocking chair, and other fun things for kids to enjoy.

Once Alyx and Kate got all the quiet book time they could handle, we found our way to the Farmers Market. It was pure crowded delight ;). From beautiful bouquets of flowers to a fresh basil plant, a gift for Jeremy, fresh veggies, pumpkin cream cheese bread picked out by Alyx, and 'JayDog' hotdogs for lunch, with a side of cheddar popcorn. All so delicious! The live music was amazing too. I couldn't help myself with all the photos I took in just a few short hours, but I love documenting times like these.

Today has been slow. Both kids napped. I checked out a highly praised book, The Kite Runner, and got to read for awhile. Pure bliss. The rest of the afternoon plans were cancelled due to chilly overcast weather, although, I'm not minding it one bit. Kate and I painted our nails and there has been lots of cuddling. Everything needing to be done can wait.

It's almost the weekend! Have a great end-of-week friends :)!


The things you find downtown - Da Vinci quotes :)

Rialto Theater. Downtown Tacoma.

Pantages Theater in the background.

Rialto Theater
This musician is excellent at playing Jazz.